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MediaGet Description

MediaGet is a free program for downloading movies, music, software, and video games. The application has a built-in torrent client, supports downloading files via magnet links and allows you to download videos from famous video hosting sites.

The program has become very popular among those who are not used to using torrent clients thanks to its features and availability. Today, it is widely known outside of Runet and its regular audience amounts to about a hundred million users around the world. In addition, the utility is released on all modern platforms and also supports the ability to synchronize data on different devices. For example, you can install it on your computer, Android-smartphone, and TV, make a playlist, and run the broadcast on any of the devices.

The main advantage and difference between MediaGet and other programs for downloading torrents, including uTorrent or BitTorrent, is that the user does not have to search for the necessary content on the net via search engines or trackers. The best and most interesting content is already collected and presented in the program.

MediaGet has its own search engine for torrents and magnet links, which collects data from all popular Internet resources, through which you can find and download anything by entering the desired parameters: title, year of release, quality, voice and file size. The developers also added a whole media library with a convenient catalog, which regularly publishes the most popular music, movies, cartoons, TV shows, TV series, video games and software. Before downloading, the user can always view detailed information about each distribution: description, technical data, screenshots, comments, scores and ratings.

In addition to the search, users have access to smart recommendations created by the program based on their preferences. Many movie buffs will appreciate the special “Premiere” selections that its closest competitor, the Zona program, does not have. They include thematic collections of new releases. You can save your favorite titles in the “To Watch” bookmarks so you won’t lose track of them and come back to them in the future. The client also offers a notification subscription so you’ll be notified when your favorite movie, next video game or computer program update is available.

Video downloads and playback

Like any full-fledged torrent client, MediaGet has a built-in download manager with the ability to start and manage unlimited downloads using the pause, cancel, speed limit, or priority buttons. A job scheduler is also available, which allows you to schedule downloads to start on different days and add large files for downloading at night, so as not to overload the internet channel during the working day.

In addition to saving files to your hard drive, the program allows you to watch videos through the built-in player, including during downloads. Many fans of the program consider this player one of the most functional and convenient. It provides the following options:

  • Built-in codecs to play most formats;
  • easy control via hot keys;
  • setting the aspect ratio of the screen;
  • choice of voiceovers and subtitles;
  • Create playlists and quick switching in the playlist;
  • Resume the view from where it was stopped before.


Some anti-viruses are known to define MediaGet as a “potentially dangerous” program. This is due to the fact that the installer offers additional installation of some adware. The developers, in their turn, claim that their program does not contain any malicious code and consider all responses as false. The security of Mediaget has also been officially confirmed by cyber-specialists from Google and Anti-Malware.

Operating Systems

The MediaGet program is used on the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android

How to download MediaGet on a PC?

Download MediaGet from the official site, which we indicate in the review, and choose the type of OS that suits you: Windows or macOS.

How do I install MediaGet on a desktop?

Install MediaGet from the file you downloaded on your Windows or macOS PC.

How do I install MediaGet on the smartphone?

Download MediaGet from the Google Play app for Android phones and download MediaGet from the App Store app for iOS phones.

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