Free programs for Windows that everyone should have

Browser: Google Chrome

Alternatives: Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge.
The web browser is probably the most popular PC program. After all, it is in the browser that we spend the most time working at the computer.

The leading position in this category of programs is Chrome. Firstly, it supports a huge number of useful extensions that supplement the standard features of the browser. Second, Chrome is cross-platform and synchronizes user data between different devices. In addition, the developers promptly introduce support for all modern technologies. And that is why it is reasonable to install Google Chrome as a browser.

BitTorrent Client: uTorrent

Alternatives: qBittorrent.
Browser is not suitable for downloading large programs, videos and other files of large size: the download can stop at any time, and the progress will be lost. And the speed is unlikely to please. Other applications are designed for this purpose, which quickly download files of any size and are not afraid of connection problems.

A good example is uTorrent. It combines high speed and a large number of functions for configuring downloads. You can even tolerate ads for the sake of this.

Media Player: VLC

Alternatives: GOM Player.
The pre-installed Windows player digests most basic formats, but may not be able to handle some of the clips available on discs and on the Web. In that case, you should try the VLC player as an alternative. This simple but powerful player is a cross-platform mediacombine that plays a huge number of multimedia formats, including video broadcasts.

Music Player: MusicBee

Alternatives: AIMP.
If you’re still listening to music downloaded to your computer’s memory, you need a good music player. Winamp used to be the best option, but after it was resold, its future was in question and users had to look for a replacement. It’s not easy to choose a clear favorite. But if you’re looking for a fast, beautiful and functional player, take a closer look at MusicBee.

Its features include syncing music between devices, playing podcasts and web radio, a mini player, interchangeable skins, a media library, a powerful equalizer, and plugins for new features.

Messenger: Telegram

Alternatives: Skype, Zoom, Facebook* Messenger.
In recent years, Telegram has become one of the most popular messengers in the former Soviet Union. This fast, convenient, and functional service is used for both everyday and corporate tasks. Telegram is able to cover all communication needs, unless video calls are important for you. If you need its support, you can additionally install, for example, Zoom.

Graphic Editor: GIMP

Alternatives: Paint.NET.
A graphics editor is an indispensable tool for photographers and designers, and it can be useful for anyone. If there are Photoshop and similar programs for professionals, GIMP is enough for ordinary user’s tasks.

This handy and fast editor will come in handy when you need to crop, resize, correct colors or make marks on an image.

Cloud Drive: Google Drive

Alternatives: OneDrive, Dropbox.
Cloud Drive solves two crucial tasks when working with documents: making files available to different users and devices, and backing them up. One of the best programs in this category can be considered Google Drive. Drive is easy to use, offers 15 GB of free cloud document storage and integrates with many Google office services.

Archivator: 7-Zip

Alternatives: PeaZip.
One day you may come across an archived document that you won’t be able to open without a special program. Therefore, it is better to be reinsured and install 7-Zip on your computer. This utility should solve all problems with reading and creating any file archives on your PC.

PDF viewer and editor: Foxit Reader

Alternatives: Sumatra PDF.
You can open a PDF file to read in any modern browser. But what if you not only want to view the document, but also edit it – make notes, add comments, or convert it to another format? For this purpose, a special PDF-editor is the way to go. For example Foxit Reader, which offers a golden mean between a set of features, ease of use and speed.

System cleaner: CCleaner

Alternatives: IObit Advanced SystemCare Free.
As you use your PC, garbage inevitably accumulates in your system, causing it to produce errors and slow down. CCleaner is a versatile, simple and effective way to clean your operating system.

It frees up hard disk space, removes temporary files from browsers and other programs, and also cleans up the Windows registry. CCleaner works semi-automatically and does not require long setup.

Uninstaller: iObit Uninstaller Free

Alternatives: Wise Program Uninstaller, Geek Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller Free.
The standard way of uninstalling software is not always effective. After uninstalling some programs, their files can remain on your computer, and some utilities refuse to leave your hard drive at all. That’s why there are special cleaners that erase programs without a trace.

One of the best uninstallers is iObit Uninstaller Free. It quickly scans your system for installed programs and allows you to remove unwanted software, including browser extensions, in batch mode. The program is free, but occasionally shows ads.

Adware cleaner: Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Alternatives: Avast Free Antivirus (antivirus with a built-in cleaning module).
There is a category of malware called Adware. Once on your computer, such software opens unwanted sites or displays ad banners. Getting rid of it can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are special cleaners designed to combat Adware.

A good example is AdwCleaner from the company Malwarebytes. It is probably the most well-known of such utilities. The program has proved itself as a simple and effective tool for cleaning your PC from adware junk. Such a tool is always good to have on hand.

Office suite: LibreOffice

Alternatives: Google services (“Documents”, “Tables”, “Presentations”).
If you have to deal with presentations, spreadsheets and Word documents, you can’t do without an office suite. To avoid paying for Microsoft applications, you can use Google’s suite of online services. But if you need a program for comfortable work without the internet, it is worth looking at LibreOffice. This package is completely free and supports Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Disk Space Analyzer: TreeSize Free

Alternatives: WizTree.
If you run out of disk space, TreeSize Free will tell you which files are taking up the most space. It displays a list of all folders and documents, sorting them by size. So with TreeSize Free you can quickly free up the space you need.

Password Manager: KeePass

Alternatives: Dashlane.
Password managers make it a hassle to remember and manually type in passwords for sites and programs. These utilities provide secure, encrypted vaults. You only need to remember one combination – from the manager itself – and you can view and copy the rest inside the program at any time.

Although KeePass may not boast of a modern interface, it is still one of the few completely free password managers. And thanks to the open-source code, the user community can test the program’s reliability and security on their own.

Data recovery tool: Recuva

What to do if you have accidentally deleted an important file? At such a time, data recovery utilities come in handy. Recuva does not boast the same number of features as its paid counterparts. But in most situations it should suffice. And thanks to a simple menu you will quickly understand its interface.


  • Video Converter – Xvid4PSP
  • Audio converter – xRecode (Portable)
  • Download video with Youtube playlists – Ummy Youtube Downloader
  • Video player – PotPlayer
  • View blocked sites – TorBrowser
  • Disk image manipulation – Daemon Tools Lite
  • I would also like to mention Caesium Image Compressor, STDU Viewer, Unlocker, ReNamer and Autoren
  • Viewing blocked sites – TorBrowser